Dymaxion dwelling machine photos

Sunday, January 10, 2010 at 5:16 PM
here are some photos that i have compiled on my computer from various internet sources.

The completed Dymaxion Dwelling Machine

A model of the interior of the Dymaxion Dwelling machine

Air flow patterns inside of the DDM

Fuller's proposed dymaxion neighbourhood. Hamburgers in Suburbia.


  1. Sean Says:

    I think stanley brought up how completely insular the design actually is- even if you wanted to (and Bucky clearly didn't) you couldn't make a duplex Dymaxion Dwelling Machine. And it really shows in these models- they're so separate.

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  3. idk i think the duplex is a possibility, hypothetically it could look a little something like this:

  4. Sean Says:


  5. Stanley Sun Says:

    like this perhaps? (quick pshop sketch)

  6. Sean Says:

    Well, potentially

    but that's pretty similar to some of his original designs, and he ended up not going for that in the end. Is that a technical issue? or can we assume it was a design issue?

  7. i think the photos of the model neighbourhood are especially relevan to our utopian ideals train of thought... they really demonstrate bucky's vision for a dymaxion world. i know in my photo caption i mentioned hamburgers in suburbia... maybe this requires some more exploration: the design of the houses are so modern and space age, yet fuller seems to have placed them in a neighbourhood which is almost suburban. consider that Fuller first started developing his dymaxion project in the 1920's, way before the birth of suburbia and post war housing in the '40's and 50's. makes me kind of curious about when this model was built, and the relationship between bucky's vision for the ddm and his proposal for it's sighting.

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